Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What a year! 2011's DJs Against Climate Change year-end-drive was our most successful yet. 18 DJs banded together to offset 457,000 LBs of CO2, over one million miles worth of air travel. With these contributions we more than doubled our total offsets since the start of DJACC four years ago.

This year's accomplishments can't just be measured in carbon offsets. 2000 people watched the web video we created as a call to arms for the project, further raising awareness about the global issue of climate change, and helping demonstrate how individuals can join their communities, whether they be physical or digital, to take responsibility for their CO2 emissions.

Skeptics might say that these numbers are small-- a large power plant emits 20 million tons of carbon each year-- but this doesn't discourage me. The point of this project is to encourage people to take responsibility for their individual impact on the environment. When you acknowledge something as your problem, not just someone else’s, it can fundamentally change the way you see things.

My DJ colleagues and I can’t stop flying, it would end most of our careers, but by making these offset contributions a part of our job, we can change our own carbon equations and maybe a whole lot more. Most people have one or more aspects of their lives that fall outside of acceptable emission levels. The more we recognize this issue, the easier it will be to force larger change. If you stop waiting for governments to pass environmental regulations and start taking charge of how you as an individual impact climate change, the pressure will begin to build from the bottom up.

Even though it sometimes feels like an unstoppable tsunami, I have to believe that a sea of responsible individuals can turn the tide of climate change, and that is what DJACC is really about.

Thank you to all the DJs that participated this year, including first timers in bold.

A-Trak, Anna Lunoe, Apt One, Chris Devlin, Cousin Cole, DJ Ayres, DJ Day, DJ Benny C, Mike the 2600 King, Morse Code, Pete Emes, The Hood Internet, thee Mike B, Treasure Fingers, Skinny Friedman, Skratch Bastid, Sammy Bananas, Willy Joy

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